Pay Attention Podcast
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A podcast about paying attention to the things that matter most hosted by Nikki Stern + Melissa Camilleri Anicich.

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    Episode 9: Type B's (the opposite of Type A)

    We're geeking on learning routines (sounds nerdy, so it's totally interesting) + a future avocado toast bar!!!!!! We are celebrating our non-Type-A-ness, we love making lists but it turns out we aren't that great at planning, so we embrace it. Last best gold star moment (when we were proud of ourselves) was when Melissa'staxes were done on time + well. Nikki let her kindergartener play hooky + they did fun things all day.

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    Episode 8: The Four Agreements

    Lanscaping + and pleasant smelling pits kick off the show (you just never know what will come up!) This week the girls pay attention to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and how some really simple shifts can make all the difference in how we relate to one another. We wrap with the last best movies we've seen.

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    Episode 7: Seizing Opportunities

    This week we welcome our first ever Pay Attention guest-- our good friend Kim Ericksen! We chat with her all about her "year of yes" and what happens when you embrace big opportunities as they come. Please bear with us as the audio on this episode isn't the best, but the convo was just too good, we decided to share it anyway.

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    Episode 6: Glimmer of Hope

    Geeking out on Spring + dinner party place cards. Paying attention to finding hope when life is difficult. Last best song includes a really sweet duet by your hosts. Follow on Instagram @payattentionpodcast

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    Episode 5: Money Mindset

    Instant gratification food delivery followed by playdates + Compliment's new Spring line (hello wine glasses!). We are paying attention to money, money, money + how mindset is everything.

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    Episode 4: Receive

    This week we geek out on the geneology of celebrities + how money CAN buy you happiness. We pay attention to the art of receiving and how life starts opening up for you when you stop subconsciously deflecting good things coming toward you. Plus, hear about our last best celebrations which include a business-related dance party + a birthday-related pizza party.

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    Episode 3: Gift Giving

    Road trips + dancing ecstatically, how fun it is to give gifts + the last best gift we gave to ourselves. Follow us on instagram @payattentionpodcast

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    Episode 2: Food

    The Love Button on Facebook makes an appearance as well as acupuncture, food, nutrition + how the goal is to feel good. Follow us on Instagram @payattentionpodcast (@nikkistern_healthcoach + @shopcompliment)

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    Episode 1: Friend-iversary

    Hamilton + feng shui + the story of how we met exactly 3 years ago building their businesses kicks it off. Plus, what it's like to make friends as a 30-something adult. (It can be weird.)

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